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When Coping Skills Don’t Cut It

I hear a lot from parents that they want their kids to come to counseling to learn some coping skills. It’s great when parents are aware enough to notice that kind of thing, because it all too easily slips under the radar a lot of the time. But is it enough? Why the answer isn’t…

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Spring Semester Blues and How Parents Can Help

I wrote awhile back on how to beat the winter blues. I completely left something out, though. It’s something I noticed from both working in and attending school: The “Spring” semester sucks! After all, the majority of the semester is actually Winter. Why is the Spring (Winter) Semester So Bad? I’ll tell you why. In…

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sad teen girl risk being bullied - bullying

Bullying Series – Part 3 of 5: Who is at Risk for Being Bullied?

Who is at Risk for Being Bullied and Bullying? During my recent interview for a teen mental health special on WKRN News 2, I talked about who may be at risk for being bullied and for bullying. I’ve put together a 5-part series of blog posts about bullying to provide more details than the news…

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cyberbullying teenager cyberbullying holding phone.

Bullying Series – Part 2 of 5: Cyberbullying and Teenagers

Cyberbullying A little information about cyberbullying was included in the News 2 WKRN special on teen mental health that I was part of recently. This is such a prevalent and fairly new type of bullying that I felt it deserved its own article. So, here you go. As always, feel free to contact me with…

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a teenager girl being bullied. on the receiving end of bullying

Bullying Series – Part 1 of 5: Bullying in the Modern World

What is bullying in 2018? I spoke about bullying recently on a Channel 2 WKRN special on teen mental health. Teens who have been bullied aren’t uncommon for me to see as a counselor. Being bullied can have dire effects on mood, behavior, grades, social activity – you name it. So, you can see why it’s…

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Your Kid is in Therapy, and You’re a Great Parent!

It may be the most frequently asked question I’ve had since I began my career. Some form of “Am I a bad parent?” It crosses the minds of parents….a lot. If your child is in therapy, it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or anything else you can think…

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Use Your Time Wisely. Feel Better.

“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin I saw that Benjamin Franklin wrote this, and all I could think of was how appropriate it is that he wrote it, given the fact that his face is on the 100 dollar bill. Little did he know that there would be a rap song about him (It’s All…

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Protect Your Mood From the Weather

Growing up in a family mechanic shop, I learned early on about the need for “winterizing” your car. You check to make sure that your antifreeze will not freeze. You may use a different weight oil. If you have a convertible that you won’t be using driving for a few months, you add fuel stabilizer…

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