Teen Counseling

Your Teen:

  • Has a tough time handling stress.
  • Constantly worries.
  • Is really hard on herself.
  • Complains about having no friends.
  • "Freaks out," seemingly for no reason sometimes.

It’s tough when your teen is in pain, and you’re unable to fix it. As a parent, you want your teen to feel confident. You're willing to do what it takes to support them, but you aren't sure how. Maybe you've scoured the internet for help, read parenting books, and asked your friends for advice on what to do. The suggestions you got may have helped a little, but they didn't solve the problems.

Whether your teen is sharing things with you that upset you both, or turning away and leaving you wondering what’s actually going on – you know something is different. Something is wrong. You’re determined to get them help.

young teen girl looks up at the camera and smiles. She receives anxiety treatment during teen counseling in Franklin, TN with Cody Higgs

Common Reasons Teens Begin Counseling

Anxiety & Low Self-Worth look different for each person. Here are some things you may be seeing from your teen that may mean it's time to consider counseling:

  • Worrying about things that may not make sense.
  • The need for perfection is disrupting her daily life.
  • Crying or tearing up without much of a reason.
  • They stopped spending time with friends and family.
  • Their relationships start to appear unhealthy.
teen girl plays with her dog outdoors. She gets therapy from Cody Higgs a teen therapist in Franklin, TN 37067 or online therapy in TN

 Teen Counseling can help your teen overcome anxiety and feel good about themselves.

Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of hours helping girls who were struggling with anxiety, depression, the effects of trauma, and low self-worth and confidence. When I began my work as a counselor several years ago, I knew this was my “niche.” I enjoy working with this group…and I’m good at it.

I know it sucks to see your teen struggle. My goal is to help your teen make life what she wants it to be. For example, it may mean enjoying school, finding peace with herself, or actually looking forward to each day.  Regardless, I love helping teens create a life they love and feel good about. It brings me so much joy to see my clients find confidence, enjoy life, and gain the freedom they’ve been missing in their lives. I’d love to see these types of things happen for your teen, as well.

Cheerful teen girl in a yellow shirt smiles at the camera after teen counseling in franklin tn with teen therapist cody higgs 37067

How Cody and his canine assistant, Edge do Teen Counseling

Counseling with me (and my assistant, Edge) is pretty laid back. We definitely talk about serious stuff you as a parent want to make sure is addressed in counseling. However, counseling sessions don't have to be 100% “business” all the time. Especially if that's not what's best for your teen. Part of the power of counseling for teenagers comes from them just feeling seen, heard, and respected.  I relate really well to teens, but part of the reason is that I recognize that they're all different and take time to get to know them. Essentially, I treat them like a real person and they can see that I'm genuine.

Therefore, therapy looks different for each teen who enters my office based on their needs, wants, and personality. I'll check in with your teen every so often to make sure they feel like we're working on what's important to them. Because feeling like we're working on things they truly care about is an important part of successful teen counseling.

cody higgs and his dog edge provide teen therapy and counseling for depression, self esteem and anxiety in Franklin Tennessee 37067

What will my teen do or talk about in counseling?

I believe that therapy can have a long-lasting and positive effect if we look at how problems began, or the “root causes” of the issues bringing your teen into therapy right now. But, I know it’s important to get some quick relief to cope with anxiety and depression. So, we can definitely look at things like building coping and calming skills. We all need to have coping skills. But, what if your teen didn’t have to rely on coping skills to make it through stressful times. You’d probably be cool with that, too, right?

Also, there is a lot of benefit in letting feelings out. Often, teens feel like they can't talk about their feelings. So they bottle them up. But, it’s tough carrying that stress around all the time. The good news is, teen counseling can help! I will help them figure out how to let those feelings out in a way that works for them. Your teen can be herself and say what she wants without being judged, so bring it on!

As for Edge, he's a natural-born comforting dog (who I think believes he's a human). He's been used as a pillow, cry rag, fidget toy, you name it. He's just happy to be with people. He will look forward to your teen coming in each week. We've got your back no matter what!

A note Specifically for Teens About Therapy

I know you might not be very sure about this therapy thing. What does a grown up dude know about what it's like being a teen anyway? But I ask that you give me, and Edge, a chance. We've truly heard it all, so you can be yourself when you come to counseling sessions.

Counseling can help you believe in yourself, and recognize your value. Counseling can create some comfort and calm in your life. We specialize in providing therapy for teens with anxiety, low self-worth, and figuring out who they are.

Why I Specialize in Working with Teen Girls

I want to add a quick note about this - because I may be wondering if I were in your shoes. Being a teen or early adult can be tough. Especially for girls and women. I love helping with those really difficult things that girls face – pressure for perfectionism, the way you’re “supposed” to look and act, struggles with confidence and anxiety…it goes on, right?

I accidentally fell into working with teen girls in an agency job way back. I was "placed" in a position where I worked especially with girls struggling with anxiety, confidence, and trauma. As I started and continued to work with them, I realized that I loved it – and I was really good at it! So, this is who I’ve decided to put a lot of my focus toward in my private practice. I want to be a positive part of helping to create a generation of confident, empowered women.

After having this focus for quite awhile, I feel like I’ve come to have a pretty good understanding of the emotional lives of teen girls. I began my career believing that I’d be focusing on working with guys with behavioral issues, but life threw me a curveball, and I believe I’ve ended up in exactly the right place.

Begin Teen Counseling for Low Self-Worth and Anxiety in Franklin, TN

Your teen doesn't have to keep struggling with anxiety or feeling like they're not good enough. Through counseling, I help young people every day find a way through the stressful, awkward "teen years." don’t have to continue feeling anxious.

To begin teen counseling in Franklin, TN, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Cody and schedule a free 15-minute consultation.
  2. Meet with Cody (and Edge)
  3. Begin counseling so you can overcome anxiety, feeling confident, and find your voice.

Other Counseling Services Provided by Cody and Edge

Teen counseling isn’t the only service we offer at our Franklin, TN counseling office.  Cody and Edge offer Counseling for Young Women, LTBTQ+ Affirming Counseling, Walk + Talk Therapy, and Group Therapy for Teen Girls. Cody and Edge are also available to provide online therapy to Tenessee residents.

If you have questions about therapy or what it's like to work with me please visit my FAQ page. Contact our office to learn more!

Cody Higgs LPC provides counseling in Franklin Tennessee and online in Tennessee for teen girls and young adult women

Cody Higgs, LPC-MHSP
Adolescent Therapist in Franklin, TN