Young Adult Counseling

Does this sound familiar?

  • Thinking about what you’ll do for the rest of your life really freaks you out.
  • You wonder if anxiety will ever stop.
  • It feels like your confidence is totally gone and you’re not sure of anything.
  • It’s scary to think about being a “real adult.”

As a young adult, this point in life can be so intimidating. You're constantly trying to decide to do with “the rest of your life?” And, that’s a really big question. Whether you’re 18 or 28, it can feel like you’re having to plan for the rest of your life.

Now, what if you’re struggling with anxiety on top of that? Maybe, you're trying to decide if you're good enough? Some days, you're not even sure you can “do life." It’s damn difficult to figure out life when you’re just trying to make it through the day.

Most of us struggle with anxiety and confidence at some point. However, here are some particular things that often bring young adults to counseling:

  • Feeling nervous or worrying a lot.
  • Having a hard time being around people.
  • Believing you really aren’t capable of doing what you want in life.
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping way too much.
  • Feeling sad, being really hard on yourself, or needing perfection all the time.
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Counseling Can Help You Beat Anxiety and Feel More Confident as a Young Adult

Life can be unbearable when you’re overwhelmed by all the things you’re “supposed to be doing” as a young adult. But, it is possible to feel way more comfortable with things. Relationships can improve. You can feel like you’re making the decisions that are best for you. Most importantly, you can feel good about being yourself!

Maybe, the things that are bothering you weren't caused by adulthood. There are things that have bothered you for a long time. But, you decided you're ready to get help. There may be uncomfortable emotions caused by trauma that happened awhile ago. Or, maybe you've had anxiety and have never felt that great about yourself. It's possible that you may not even know why.

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Therapy Can Help Young Women Get Unstuck

For years, I have helped young women overcome the anxiety that is causing them to feel stuck and unable to move forward. I have listened to countless young women describe the pain they've felt. More importantly, I've helped those young women find new ways to cope with their feelings, overcome depression, gain confidence, and feel empowered to change their lives.

As a therapist, it’s a great feeling to see the young adults I’ve worked with start to feel happy and self-assured. I want that for you, too.

How I, and my therapy assistant Edge, Do Young Adult Counseling

My (or our, because Edge is critical the process here) approach to counseling is pretty laid back. We will definitely talk about serious issues in counseling sessions. But, it doesn’t have to be all serious, all the time. Especially if that’s not your style. Therapy looks different for each person, because we all have different needs, wants, and personalities. I want to make sure you feel like we’re going in the right direction. So, I’ll check in with you on that every now and then.

In my experience as a therapist, I’ve seen that therapy generally has long-lasting benefits if we look at where problems started ("root cause") and sort through some of those things. I know you probably want quick relief. And, we can look at things like coping and calming skills for that. We all need those skills, but I assume you’d be alright if you didn’t need to use those skills as often, right?  There's a reason you struggle with self confidence, anxiety or depression.  And you deserve to get to the bottom and make lasting change.

Finally, there is a lot of benefit in getting things out. Unfortunately, we've been given the message from society that we’re not supposed to talk about feelings or what we really think about certain things. That somehow it's not ok to admit you are anxious, self conscious, insecure or depressed. So we end up holding them in. Maybe you hold them until they come out in a way that doesn’t work so well. It can be a lot of work to carry around so much stress. So, through counseling, I’ll help you learn new ways to get those feelings out so that you feel better.

One more thing, you can be yourself. You can say what you want. Counseling is really an “anything goes” situation. So, Bring on the realness!

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Why I Specialize in Working with Women

If I were in your shoes, I may be wondering about this - so I want to add a note about this. Early adulthood can be tough. Especially for women. I love helping with those really difficult things that girls face – pressure for perfectionism, finding independence, looking or acting "right" (what is that really?), struggles with identity or anxiety about the "rest of life"…it keeps going, right?

I accidentally fell into working with young women in an agency job several years ago. I started a new position where I discovered I'd be working especially with girls and young women struggling with anxiety, confidence, and trauma. Almost from the start, I realized that I loved working with these groups – and I was really good at it! So, that's become a big focus of my practice. Part of my work is to do my share in helping to create a generation of confident, empowered women.

After having this focus for quite awhile, I feel like I’ve developed a pretty good understanding of the emotional lives of young women. I began my career thinking I'd be working with guys who were struggling with behavioral issues, but life gave me a different view of things, and I believe I’ve ended up in exactly the right place - helping the people that I do my best work with.

Begin Young Adult Counseling for Anxiety and Self-Worth in Franklin, TN

You don’t have to continue to put up with the anxiety, fear, and doubt. Counseling can help you to feel confident, comfortable, and secure in who you are.

Edge and I really care about the clients I work with and we want to help you overcome the issues that are holding you back. I believe you deserve to feel confident and like the best version of yourself.

To begin your counseling journey at our Franklin, TN counseling office, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Cody & Edge to schedule a free 15-minute consultation,
  2. Meet with Cody and Edge for counseling,
  3. Start overcoming your fears. Feel happier, and more confident. Know you’re free to live your life.

Other Counseling Services Offered by Cody Higgs and Edge

In addition to counseling for young adults, I offer a variety of counseling services in Franklin, TN, and the Nashville area. I want to empower people to be the best version of themselves, overcome their insecurities and feel confident. To help with that, I offer Therapy for Teens, LTBTQ+ Affirming Counseling, Walk + Talk Therapy, and Group Therapy.

Also, In addition to in-person therapy, Edge and I also offer online therapy for teens and young adults living in Tennessee. If you have questions about therapy or working with me, please visit my FAQ page.

Cody Higgs LPC provides counseling in Franklin Tennessee and online in Tennessee for teen girls and young adult women

Cody Higgs, LPC-MHSP
Young Adult Therapist in Franklin, TN