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Helping Anxious Teen Girls and Young Women Feel Confident and Find Their Voice

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Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Your daughter is struggling - with relationships, school, work, or just enjoying life.
  • She worries a lot, disconnects from family, has suddenly become quiet, or just seems "different."
  • "You just don't understand" is a common phrase in your house, and you want some help so that you can "get it."
  • You fear that she will live an unhappy life if something isn't done soon.
  • It's incredibly frustrating to try everything you know to make things better - without success.
  • You just want to see your daughter be free and confident, feel good, and have a happy life.

Teens & Young Adults

  • You're not sure who you are or where you belong, and it’s really uncomfortable to be you.
  • It can be really hard to talk to people or relationships fail a lot.
  • You sleep too much or not nearly enough, and your energy isn’t so great.
  • You feel powerless and like you have to prove you’re a good person. It’s more than you can handle sometimes.
  • You worry about things that don’t make sense or think you’re “crazy” sometimes.
  • You may let people know what’s going on, or you may hide it. Either way, it sucks and you’re ready for it to change.

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How I Help

Help for Adolescents

Being a teenager can be hard enough by itself. Sometimes the problems we have socially, academically, and personally become really tough to handle alone. It’s difficult to enjoy life as much if you’re constantly dealing with stressors. I work with teens to help get life back on track.

Help for Young Adults

Making your way in the world as an independent adult can be a real challenge. Anxious feelings and pressure can arise from work, college, life changes, relationships, or the desire to “keep up.” I want to help you feel the way you want and to enjoy this point in your life.

Walk + Talk Therapy

This is just what it sounds like – walking and talking. There is plenty of research that shows that physical activity has quite a few mental and emotional benefits. We’ll combine this with talk that would normally go on in a counseling session.

Counseling for Anxiety Cody Higgs

Hi, I’m Cody.

Teen and young adult years are tough. They’re challenging times that bring their own set of problems. Life can feel like a never ending maze of stress, anxiety, and confusion, leaving you unsure of where to go for help.

Nearly my entire career, I’ve worked with young women and teen girls struggling with anxiety, self esteem, or just feeling lost.  While I may look like I would work mainly with "tough" teen guys, that's not necessarily the case. I enjoy working with teenage girls and young women, helping them to feel empowered and use their voice. Throughout the years, I’ve seen that working with a male therapist can be especially helpful for learning about healthy boundaries, and developing comfort in having a positive relationship with a male role model who listens and is sensitive to the needs and wants, as well as the issues that young women and teenage girls face in today’s society.

I know anxiety can come with some other concerns, like depression and self harm. These are also common issues that I help folks with. I'm LGBT+ affirming and welcome clients from all walks of life.