Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy is exactly what it sounds like. We walk and talk. Think of it as a moving therapy session. We go at your speed and stop or go when you want. There are a couple of benefits to this type of therapy. You may or may not have heard that physical activity can act as a natural type of antidepressant, an effective method to help with treatment of anxiety, depression, and some other issues. There is plenty of research that supports this. Being outdoors and getting Vitamin D also has some support for improving mood.

Some folks don’t prefer to sit in a room and speak to someone for 50 minutes. You may prefer to be doing things while you talk to someone. If that’s your preference, then Walk & Talk may be for you.

Want to take it a step further? We can also do Trail  Walk & Talk. This will likely have a bit higher intensity level than walking on the road or sidewalk. Trails often have uneven ground, sticks, rocks, roots, and more substantial up- and down-hill portions.

You don’t have to choose to solely do Walk & Talk Therapy sessions. You can if you’d like, but we can always rotate between Walk & Talk and office sessions, as you prefer. I provide Walk and Talk Therapy for both adolescents and young adults.

Think you want to get out and move around as part of counseling? Let’s do it! Feel free to reach out to me any time. It will be great to hear from you.

Cody Higgs, LPC Counseling Franklin TN
Cody Higgs, LPC-MHSP
Therapy for Adolescents and Young Adults
Franklin, TN