teen with anxiety cops with anxiety symptoms. She gets help from an anxiety therapist in anxiety treatment in Franklin, TN with Cody Higgs

When Coping Skills Don’t Cut It

I hear a lot from parents that they want their kids to come to counseling to learn some coping skills. It’s great when parents are aware enough to notice that kind of thing, because it all too easily slips under the radar a lot of the time. But is it enough? Why the answer isn’t…

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teen bullying

Bullying Series – Part 5 of 5: Prevent, Stop, and Cope with Teen Bullying

How to Deal with Bullying After working with teens and young adults for years, including in schools, I’ve learned a thing or two about dealing with active bullying and helping people recover from the effects of bullying. Following my contribution to a News 2 WKRN mental health special on teen bullying, I wanted to put out…

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Teen Bullying Risks

Bullying Series – Part 3 of 5: Who is at Risk for Being Bullied?

Who is at Risk for Being Bullied and Bullying? I work with a lot of kids who view themselves as very unique, or sometimes just plain “different” from everyone else. As you may very well know, being “unique” or “different,” or just feeling like you are, isn’t always easy in middle and high school. During…

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teen cyberbullying

Bullying Series – Part 2 of 5: Cyberbullying and Teenagers

Cyberbullying Cyberbullying is something I’ve heard so much about from teens I work with in counseling. A little information about cyberbullying was included in the News 2 WKRN special on teen mental health that I was part of recently. This is such a prevalent and fairly new type of bullying that I felt it deserved…

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Teen Bullying 2018

Bullying Series – Part 1 of 5: Bullying in the Modern World

What is bullying in the modern world? Since I work with kids and young adults affected by bullying pretty often, I spoke about the topic on Channel 2 WKRN special on teen mental health. Teens who have been bullied aren’t uncommon for me to see as a counselor. Being bullied can have dire effects on…

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