Online Therapy

woman smiles while on her computer during online therapy in TN with therapist Cody Higgs who provides depression treatment and anxiety treatment

How Does Online Therapy Work?

When I first heard of online therapy, my first thought was “What? Why? That sounds terrible.” But, here I am 2 years into providing online counseling to teens and young adults in different areas of Tennessee (yes, I started voluntarily, a year before the pandemic started). It can bring up so many questions for people,…

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young adult woman smiles and waves to her therapist during online therapy in TN with cody higgs

Why Online Therapy Can be a Great Fit for Teens

Pandemic 2020 (and now 2021). What a year, right? Not much has been normal. And even the normal things haven’t been all the way normal. Masks, social distancing, events cancelled, school cancelled, and on and on. Then, there’s been the social isolation. No matter how you’ve been treating the pandemic, you’re probably missing friends, family,…

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how to support a teen through the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. TIps from a teen therapist in Franklin TN, Cody Higgs, who provides online therapy in TN

COVID-19: 6 Tips To Help Your Teen to Make it Through the Coronavirus Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is real. And really stressful. The Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown seemed to happen really fast. This leads me to wonder, what’s this like for your teenager? Are they freaking out? Completely ignoring things? Depressed that they can’t see their friends? Turning their room to a hibernation cave? A year ago,…

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