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High School Girls' Anxiety & Self Worth Group

For anxious high school girls who are ready to go from feeling bad about themselves to confident in who they are, without hating the process.

Parents, do you...

  • Constantly worry about your teenager and her future?
  • Feel helpless as she stays in bed all weekend or cries while scrolling social media Saturday night?
  • Hear from her that you're making things worse every time you try to help her?

Teens, do you...

  • Really believe no one likes you, or like everyone talks behind your back - even your closest friends?
  • Have to get good grades just to feel “good enough?”
  • Avoid talking to people or doing things you like because the stress is terrible?

This High School Girls’ Group for Anxiety and Self Worth is the most effective way to take your high schooler from hopeless, anxious, and feeling worthless to:

  • Feeling confident, proud, and valuable – regardless of her accomplishments.
  • Understanding why being hard on herself isn't the answer and how to feel good about being herself with peer support.
  • Doing the things that make her happy - without being forced or coaxed to do so - in as little as 8 weeks.
  • You'll know more about communicating with your daughter, to have the amazing relationship you've always wanted.
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Hi, I’m Cody

(and this is Edge, my 12-year-old Beagle/Bassett mix).

I help teen girls just like your daughter to go from anxious and down on themselves to self-assured and energized. You can rest, knowing she's living her best life.

And let's face it...Nothing beats Group Counseling with a Sweet Dog in the room!

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